Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board provides an objective, constructively critical oversight of the science
within the network to facilitate the optimal and timely delivery of the LiSyM Vision.

Michael Manns

Ron Heeren

Sophie Lotersztajn

Adriano Henney

Walter Kolch

Bart Staels

Jörg Stelling

Scientific Leadership

Day-to-day science within the LiSyM is overseen and directed by the pillar coordinators, ensuring smooth interaction between multi-skilled groups, often working in different institutions and across significant distances within Germany.

Jochen Hampe

Christian Trautwein

Frank Lammert

Ursula Klingmüller

Madlen Matz-Soja

Marino Zerial

Dirk Drasdo

Hermann-Georg Holzhütter

Tobias Preusser

Lars Küpfer

Wolfgang Müller

Network Management

Peter LM Jansen

Helen Desmond